Number Portability And Service Quality Standards For Fixed Line Services Providers In Turkey


The Information and Communications Technologies Authority published three amendment Regulations and Communiqués, collectively amending the regulatory structure in Turkey to be more compatible with the European Union standards. Amendments comprise the number portability, the service levels for internet service providers and fixed line providers. The amendments define quality standards for subscribers, contributing to establishing a more competitive market in Turkey for end users.

The amendment regulation on number portability was published in Official Gazette on 28 November 2015. Major amendments are as follows:

  1. In order to accelerate the number porting process, the maximum time for transmitting and checking transfer requests is being decreased to one day (previously it was defined as two days).
  2. The actual porting time will take into account the subscriber’s preference. The actual porting will be conducted when service interruption for the subscriber is minimized. The recipient operator announces the porting time to the subscriber and to all relevant operators at least one day before the determined time.
  3. The former operator cannot claim any payment from the subscriber if it fails to deactivate the subscription, despite the actual porting occurring. This applies even if the former operator continues to provide services during this period.
  4. If the number holder’s first subscription agreement was concluded within the last three months, the operator should reject the number porting request. The Amendment Regulation removes this requirement for all fixed numbers.
  5. Operators must provide a distinctive tone to the calling subscriber as a measure for tariff transparency. This distinctive tone must be provided to all subscribers who are called from mobile, geographical or non-geographical number. Calling subscribers who transfer their mobile numbers to a different operator can choose not to receive the distinctive tone.

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