How To Process For The Urban Transformation?


The Law Number 6306 aims to enhance old structures in the cities. It enables property owners to get their apartments rebuilt through cost efficient methods as well as its other conveniences such as rent allowance, credit facilities, move allowance, tax and fee immunities etc.


Below mentioned steps should be mainly fulfilled to complete the urban transformation operation:

  1. Application to obtain the detection report for risky buildings will be made to authorised agencies and institutes by one or more property owners.
  2. Property owners may object to the detection report in fifteen days as of notification date.
  3. Following finalization of the detection report, the demolition permit will be provided.
  4. Risky building has to be evacuated max. in 90 days following the detection report served.
  5. Property owners must take a decision by 2/3 majority of owners regarding the fate of the risky building.
  6. Application for the rent/move allowances will be made to provincial directorate of ministry of environment and urbanisation.
  7. The construction permit will be obtained following preparation of projects.
  8. Residential usage License shall be obtained after the construction period is completed and the process is ended.
  9. The rent allowance may be provided at most maximum period of 18 months and such amount is determined by Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation on yearly basis. Plus credit facilities may provide credit up to TRY 100.000,00. Property owners should choose either to obtain the rent allowance or the credit.
  10. All the decisions taken by 2/3 majority should be send by the public notary to dissenting owners.
  11. They will be notified that if they don’t accept the decision in fifteen days their land share shall be sold other property owners who agreed with the decision.


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